Social Responsibility

Whether you stick to established standards and initiatives or have developed a custom approach, third-party assurance is essential to the credibility of your commitment.

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Report Verification & Assurance

Sustainability reporting, done right, is an immensely rewarding exercise, but it all depends on the credibility of your work. Third-party verification of your report by DQS is a clear signal that your report is to be taken seriously. Our auditors are not only extremely well versed in the methodology of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the AA1000 assurance standard, they also understand the particulars of your industry sector.

Standards & Certification

Can’t tell the difference between the multitude of CSR standards anymore? DQS focuses on standards that make a difference, including ISO 26000, Sedex SMETA, SA8000 and AA1000. With clients in any corner of the globe and in any industry sectors, we understand trends in CSR like no one else. Which approach is the right one for your company? Let’s exchange ideas.

Credibility above all else

Initiatives that cannot be verified often do more harm than good, no matter how good the intentions. By involving an independent third party, you boost the credibility of your claims and you demonstrate your commitment to all stakeholders. Why DQS? Because we have been working hard for thirty years to build and maintain the trust of the market, resulting in international acceptance and a spotless reputation.

Responsible Sourcing

Supplier Audits

Ethical audits for suppliers are an efficient way to identify potential problems with labour conditions and social standards. With close to 3000 auditors all over the world, DQS has the capability to perform ethical audits wherever you want, whenever you want.

Mitigating Supply Chain Risks

With shared responsibility comes shared risk: issues and incidents at any point are likely to affect the supply chain as a whole. At DQS, we firmly believe that risk needs to be managed systematically. A solid supplier assessment scheme helps you to identify and manage risk proactively.

Tailor-made Assessment Schemes

Looking to set up a supplier audit scheme with a custom-made code of conduct? Draw on our expertise to develop verifiable audit criteria, reporting systems and audit protocols. Our auditors can easily tell the difference between a standard that only exist on paper – and a standard that can be implemented, monitored and maintained.

Workplace Safety

A safe and comfortable workplace is key to the wellbeing of employees – and therefore key to the success of any business.

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Certification & Inspection

When it comes to occupational health and safety, BS OHSAS 18001 (soon to be replaced by ISO 45001) provides a solid starting point for a management approach to occupational safety. But don’t stop there: rather than focus primarily on avoiding incidents, set up a comprehensive health management system according to DIN SPEC 91020 to foster employee wellbeing in the long run.

Supplier Workplace Accountability

How do your suppliers rate for workplace safety? Find out with supplier workplace accountability audits (SWA). Stick to established standards and specifications or develop your own assessment protocol to focus on high risk processes. We will be happy to support you every step of the way, drawing on our in-depth understanding of labour codes including the ETI Base Code and the ILO conventions.

Actionable Data to work with

No matter what type of assessment we perform, an intelligently structured audit report is always part of our offer. We make sure the audit report is understandable, comprehensive and constructive. The audit results are discussed with all parties involved and a corrective action plan is drafted in dialogue.

Environment & Energy

Procurement & Raw Materials

From the extraction and procurement of raw materials to the finished product: our assessment portfolio for environmental responsibility covers the entire value chain. Sustainable forestry and agriculture, responsible extraction of raw materials and a chain of custody in keeping with international standards: DQS is here to help with audits and assurance.

Processes & Management Systems

Addressing environmental aspects at management level is vital if your environmental commitment is to yield results. A management system approach to environmental responsibility enables you to identify, manage and improve the relevant environmental aspects of your organization. We will be by your side with gap analyses, process diagnostics and certification audits.

Product Certification & Labelling

Proud of your environmental commitment? Support your claims with third-party verification of key environmental indicators such as greenhouse gas emissions and water footprint. Through the GC-Mark certification and labelling program, you integrate environmental management into your branding and marketing strategy.

Ethical Business Practices

The way we see it, business ethics is all about trust. It is about trust in the ability of organizations to be more than the sum of its individuals and to maintain a common set of values and principles.

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Compliance and Beyond

Compliance audits are a valuable instrument within a comprehensive risk management approach. Engaging independent experts to review your compliance management enables you to detect potential gaps and to ensure that your organization complies with the relevant standards and regulations.

Anti-Corruption Management

Anti-Corruption Management should be a central aspect of any compliance management system. BS 10500, the current standard for anti-corruption management systems, will be replaced by international standard ISO 37001 during the course of 2016. Looking for a certification audit? Talk to us!

Code of Conduct Verification

A code of conduct can be so much more than a piece of paper. To establish your code of conduct as an integral part of your management strategy, you can count on DQS for compliance audits and independent verification. This not only increases transparency, it will also improve employee identification and reduce risks from unethical actions.

Sustainable Leadership

Corporate Governance

When it comes to corporate governance, there is a plethora of national and international standards and guidelines, most of which are voluntary in nature. Corporate Governance audits by DQS are not only a way to boost the credibility of your commitment to these guidelines, but also a great tool to evaluate and improve current corporate governance practices.

The Role of Management Systems

A commitment to social responsibility is unlikely to yield results unless it is embedded in a long-term vision for sustainable success and growth. The progressive harmonization of international management systems makes it easier than ever to integrate management systems for quality, environment, energy and social responsibility.

Excellence Models & Benchmarking

When it comes to management systems & processes, DQS has a unique position: each year, we gain insight into the processes and practices of close to 50,000 clients. Because of that, we know what works and what doesn’t. Draw on the know-how of our auditors for gap analyses, process diagnostics and industry benchmarking.


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